Alpengeist: The Best Single Track Suspended Rollercoaster on the Planet !
Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia is where you will find the best single track suspended rollercoaster on earth called Alpengeist.  Centered around a ski theme, you fly at 67 mph. The lift hill takes you to a height of 195 feet  (right)
The heartline roll (below) creates a different effect than the other inversions. The G forces are awesome!
The 170 foot first drop curves around to prearing you for the first of six (6) inversions. (left) This drop is followed by a series of elements flipping you over, upside down and sideways creating extreme G forces. Alpengeist is nothing less than an fabulous head rush!
Pictures came from Thrillride

A few tips: The line on this ride can be as long as 2 hours so you want to ride Alepngeist as early as possible. The front is the best, because you can see the most. The back is also excellent due to the G forces that seem to be more intense.
Fabulous cobra roll: (right) One of six (6) total inversions on this ride of pure adrenaline fun.
A few specs:

Maximum Speed67 mph
Maximum Drop 170 feet
Maximum Height      195 feet
Number of Inversions   6
Track Length   3828 feet
Ride Duration2 min 30 sec
My Rating     10/10

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