The Best Mega Hyper Out and Back Rollercoaster on Earth !
Apollo's Chariot : a fabulous hyper steel rollercoaster that gives you total maximum air time.

The lift hill (left) is followed by a 208 foot drop, (right)
Maximum speed is 73 mph on the first drop (right) followed by additional drops that keeps the thrill alive (right) and (below)

A few tips: The best place to be on this incredible ride is in the front, because the angle of the first drop is so incredible, you may fall forward. The back is also a lot fun because, that is where the G forces and air time are the greatest.

Warning: Forces on this ride are extreme and may not be suitable for the weak.
After the 2 big drops you are hurled through a helix (right) with a lot of G's. This is followed by a second series of drops until returned to the station (left). The open side car (below) is what heightens the excitement and increases air time because the only restraint is a small bar that comes forward. Photos from Thrillride
A few specs:

Maximum Drop208 feet
Maximum Speed73 mph
Track Length  4882 feet
Ride Duration 2 min
Number of drops   9
My rating10/10

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