A few tips: Hang on ! There are hardly any lines for this one. You want to ride this at least 4 or 5 times to truely appreciate the Cyclone. Ride the front for best view and back for the most pull. 
Astroland Cyclone: Still The Best Classic Rollercoaster
Back in the roaring 20's, rollercoasters were built rough and wild. At that same time, the Coney Island Cyclone was built in Brooklyn, New York. The Cyclone gets its name because it shook riders in and about their seats. Although rebuilt in 1937, the Cyclone still rides today as it did in the days of old.  This ride shook me all around.

The Cyclone gives you the kind of air time that will make you stand up. That is how good the ride and air time is. Looks small and non-threatening however, once you get on the Cyclone, you will understand what it means to be shaken and how important it is to hang on ! Of course there are the few brave souls that will raise their hands up for anything.
Photos by Joyrides , and Ultimate Rollercoaster . Thank you !
The first drop of 85 feet is rough. You dive at a 57 degree angle with loads of air time ! The second drop is nice. The shaking doesn't stop until the end !

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Warning: May not be suitable for those with weak back or neck!
A few specs:

Maximum Drop85 feet
Maximum Speed    57 mph
Track Length2640 feet

My rating10/10