Dueling Dragons: The Best Suspended Rollercoaster in North America !
You enter an enchanted forest where two dragons, one named Fire, and the other named Ice, reside. Fire kills its victims by fire while Ice destroys its victims with bitter frost. Eventually, your curiosity brings you to a dark castle. Lost in the winding pathway, you find yourself somewhere below the castle only to be captured within the depths of the dungeon maze. The dark voice of Merlin now speaks and tellsyou that your only escape is to ride one of the two ferocious dragons: Fire (red) or Ice (blue) who have been in constant battle. You choose the dragon you want to ride, which will either set you free, or seal your fate forever.
Both sides must be running together to experience the full effect of the ride.

With 3 near misses, your feet may come as close as twelve inches to the other dragon.

You'll experience 5 inversions and travel at speeds of up to 58 mph.
A few tips: The best place to ride Dueling Dragons is in the front, because you see the most. Another great place is in the back. The back is where you will experience the greatest amount of G force. No matter where you ride, you'll see the other coaster. Ride at least twice in the morning to avoid crowds. Then return at night. The line goes really fast so the wait should not be more than 1-2 hours. The wait is worth it.
Located in Orlando, Florida is Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure: home of Dueling Dragons (left) is an incredible dual suspended rollercoaster.
The classic near collision (right) where both cars flip into a loop. The combined speeds of both trains is 116 mph. This is the thrill that is best seen in the front row. There are 3 separate near miss occasions.
Both trains leave the lift in opposing directions and come back at each other 3 times. The rush  is incredible !
The two ferocious dragons. (above) Fire, and  Ice.
A few specs:

Maximum Speed 58 mph
Maximum Drop    80 feet
Number of Inversions   5
Number of near misses3 within 12 inches
Ride Duration 2 minutes
My rating10/10
Photos by Kyle Asquith ,and Dark Studios . Thank you.

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