The Incredible Hulk: The Greatest Rollercoaster on The Planet !
Launch through a tunnel, flip upside down, plummet down one of the steepest drops and shoot through the world's tallest cobra roll above water.

Experience being turned upside down another 3 times for a total of 6 hairy inversions. Additional effects include water mist in the day and strobe lights at night.

Blast with the full throttle of a F-16 fighter jet. Rise above buildings, soar free in the sky and dive below water. No other ride on earth gves you this much excitement.
Launch speed:   0-40 in two seconds:
Max Speed:60 mph
Max Height:110 feet
Max Drop:  105 feet
Track Length   3800 feet
My Rating:10/10
Universals Studios Islands of Adventure in Orlando, Florida is home for the best Rollercoaster on the planet.

The story behind the ride: When you enter the lab, you are welcomed by Dr. David Banner, who needs subjects to test his new Gamma Ray Booster. By doing this he can rid himself of the Hulk. Banner thinks he has all of the bugs worked out of it, which have in the past caused the side effect of intense rage. The joys of being a guinea pig.

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For full effect, ride this fantastic rollercoaster in the front and in the back. Arrive early and hit this ride first. The line later on can be 2-3 hours wait. You will wait as much as an additional 90 minutes for the front seat which is definitely the best seat in the house. The back, however, gives you a stronger pull effect so don't forget to ride the back as well. Photos by Dark Studios , and Universal Studios
When you board, Dr. Banner thanks you for being there and wants to talk you through the launch just to make sure everything is okay. As you approach the booster, Banner says "Everything appears normal." He then exclaims "Oh no, something's gone wrong ! ", and the ride shuts down halfway up the lift hill. Without warning the booster comes back online and launches you 0-40 mph in 2 seconds !
Famous cobra roll (above) called such because if you look carefully the design looks like a King Cobra that is ready to strike.