Raging Bull: Best Hyper Rollercoaster On the Planet !
Raging bull is located at Six  Flags Great America in the city of Gurnee Mills, Illinois, just outside of the windy city, Chicago.

This hyper coaster hits speeds in excess of 73 mph. The first drop is 208 feet (left). The open sided train has only a front support that holds you in your seat (right).  This heightens the excitement, and gives you more freedom of movement. You may feel your body sway back and forth. Thank goodness for the little tiny lap bar.
The first drop is the most exciting which sends the train through an underground tunnel (left). On a hot day the spraying mist inside the tunnel feels nice.  After the tunnel, successive drops continue to thrill for several more good drops (right). Raging Bull uses a new state of the art technology that makes the train glide smoothly. In spite of its smoothness, Raging Bull may be not be suitable for the weak.
A few specs:

Maximum speed:73 mph
Maximum drop  208 feet
Ride Duration     2.5 min.

My rating:10/10
Photography by Joe Schwarz of Joyrides . Thank you !

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