The Best Out and Back Wooden Rollercoaster on the Planet !
On the western side of Michigan lies Michigan's Great Adventures: home of the world's best out and back wooden rollercoaster. There are a total of 14 drops on this fantastic thrill ride that ends with an incredible double helix guaranteed to move you.
Shivering Timbers takes up to 125 feet and drops you  down at a speed of 62 mph.
14 drops later and 14 moments of being lifted out of your seat, you are shot into the grand finale. This finale is a mean double helix which will knock you around. This one is wild.
After these 3 drops the train goes in a curv and starts to come back (right) The return trip also provides a lot of air time as well. This is one that you want to ride again and again.
The three drops are shown below. What an incredible view! This fast wooden rollercoaster rides rough yet gives riders a lot of air time!
A few tips:

The best place to ride Shivering Timbers is the back since air time is at a maximum. The front is also a lot of fun because you see more. The lines are rather light so you shouldn't have trouble getting in a few rides.
A few specs:

Maximum Height125 feet
Maximum Drop   120 feet
Maximum Speed  65 mph
Track Length     5384 feet
Ride Duration2 min 30 seconds
My rating10/10

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