Steel Force: Fastest Rollercoaster in Pennsylvania
A few tips: Hang on ! The first drop is quite steep. You may come out of your seat. Ride  in the morning, when lines are low. Come back to ride at night. Best is in the back. Also try the front for an awesome view.
Allentown, Pennsylvania is where you will find another called hypercoaster called Steel Force at Dorney Park and Wildwater Kingdom. This hypercoaster dwarfs all the rides at the park standing at a towering 210 feet. The first drop (left) of 205 feet  accelerates you to a whopping 75 mph and sends you into a tunnel (below).  You can see how far down the drop is (below to the right). Its a long way down.
The second drop (above) of 150 feet is superb. The turnaround (left and below) creates a lot of G's !

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Warning: May not be suitable for those with a fear of heights.
Photos by Ultimate Rollercoaster and Thrillride . Thank you!
After the turnaround, brakes slow down the train. (right)
The final hills. (left) All in all a great ride.

My rating 10/10 !
The rest of the ride consists of dips which delivers more air time.

Train returns to station after another great ride (below)